Empower patients to re-challenge with FODZYME

Did you know Monash University recommends re-challenging FODMAP triggers every 3-12 months?

Read on to download our guide to supporting patients with FODMAP re-challenges, including tips for using FODZYME to face 'fear foods.'

Risks of an over-restrictive diet

As we all know, the elimination phase of the low-FODMAP diet is only meant to last 2-4 weeks, yet far too many patients get stuck in phase I.

It can be truly difficult to get patients to expand their diet after finally achieving symptom relief by cutting out all high FODMAP foods. Garlic, onion and even bananas can seem like a fast track to GI distress.

But a low-FODMAP diet does not need to be an extremely limited one.

Importance of diet liberalization

Adding back nutritious, delicious and, yes, high-FODMAP trigger foods is possible. But unless patients re-challenge foods, they’ll never know how their tolerances have changed and what foods they may be able to reintroduce.

Start this conversation by focusing on the benefits of re-challenges. Guide patients to identify the reasons to expand their diet that are most motivating.

Why Re-Challenge?

  • Learn how FODMAP tolerances evolve over time
  • Avoid nutrient and/or energy deficiencies
  • Open up social eating and pleasure in food situations
  • Reduce food fear & anxiety
  • Reduce costs of eating low-FODMAP
  • Support microbiome diversity and resilience
  • Reduce reliance on supplements

Even for those who have identified their triggers and are able to add back some non-triggering high-FODMAP foods, excessive avoidance of triggers can be socially limiting and financially burdensome.

However, with the right encouragement, support and tools, patients often find they can tolerate more than they thought.

Using FODZYME for re-challenges

We know adding back trigger foods takes commitment and trust. With this in mind, we designed FODZYME to help patients achieve nutritional diversity and enjoy social eating again.

Download our new guide to helping patients re-challenge FODMAP triggers. We've included specific guidance on using FODZYME as a valuable tool to provide encouragement and confidence for re-challenges.


This resource is designed for you to use during sessions to help patients learn how their tolerances may have changed and how FODZYME can support diet liberalization. We encourage you to use it in your practice as you see fit.

What's Inside: Slides, activities and more...

  • Importance of Re-challenges
  • Setting Expectations
  • Meal Ideas & Portions
  • Food Chaining
  • Re-Challenge Journal
  • And Much More!